Transformational Coaching

Do you feel:

  • cut off from your inner guidance and uncertain about what you desire
  • overwhelmed and like you have to go it alone without any support
  • tired + uncomfortable in your body
  • challenged to maintain healthy habits + practices
  • stuck in repeating patterns
  • unsure of how to continue stepping forward without a clear plan

You don’t have to do it alone

Most of us were not taught how to deal with LIFE:

 ~ to set healthy boundaries (AND stick to them) ~

~ to talk to the people we love while angry with them ~

~ to feel + process our feelings ~

~ to show up at work when we are in the midst of personal crisis ~

~ to gracefully step away from experiences + relationships that aren’t working for us anymore ~

~ to be our own best friends + so much more ~

If you’re wanting practical tools, guidance, support and someone who will hold you accountable to your own potential, health + highest dreams– let’s talk!

Coaching Supports You In Developing:

  • Trust + respect for yourself and the choices you make

  • Clear tools and steps to carry forward into your day-to-day life

  • A connection to your greater purpose + passion

  • A greater capacity to hear, listen and follow your inner guidance + body wisdom

  • A balanced, rich life that makes you feel excited to be living it!

Pricing & Packages

Single Session Intensive

When one specific issue has you stuck, book a single session.  Coaching support to stop spinning your wheels + move from confusion to clarity.

What’s included:

Complimentary 20 minute discovery session

1 x 60 minute virtual coaching session

Follow up email with customized action steps



6-Session Coaching Package

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Together we discover what you want to accomplish, peel back the layers of learned behaviors/  emotions/ beliefs and focus on building a solid foundation. Regular coaching supports you in actualizing your dreams + desires by taking micro steps towards them, building self-confidence and an incredible toolkit in the process.

What’s included:

Complimentary discovery session

6 x 60 minute coaching sessions

Flexible scheduling with direct access to my calendar

Follow up emails with customized action steps



What others are saying

Natalie helped me uncover coping mechanisms I used to deal with my life that were only making things worse. We worked together to build on healthier choices and through these practices my self awareness grew, along with my confidence and inner strength. I learned healthy boundaries and was able to easily recognize my triggers so I could better deal when they arose.  I’ve integrated so much of what I learned with Natalie.  Her style of gentle and intuitive guidance coupled with actionable plans + practical advice has been life changing for me. I’d recommend working with her to any and everyone.

Brittany, Atlanta

My coaching work with Natalie is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given to myself. I reached out to her during a difficult time.  I was initially drawn to her based on the genuine authenticity that she radiated, which came through to me in her stories of personal change and challenges.

My life was not in alignment with what I had envisioned for myself as a mother. I was struggling with seeing a way out of the grind that had become my day-to-day. I first started seeing shifts when I became aware of the continuous thoughts that were running through my mind.  Beginning my day with a morning routine, gave me space to think and clear out what wasn’t internally supportive.

I learned that I don’t have to have everything completely figured out, I only need to take steps in the direction of where I would like to go. Doing small things every day adds up and over time supports the big shifts.

My life now is much more balanced and I’ve taken several huge steps that I previously thought were not possible for me. Taking these steps meant I had to show up more and letting myself be seen has been quite freeing. I’m most proud of how I didn’t give up on myself and my goals even when things felt uncertain. I would absolutely recommend Natalie as a guide for someone wanting to make real changes in his or her life.

Ashley, Alpharetta

If you’re feeling stuck and frustrated with your lack of follow-through, I’m here to motivate you and help you start believing in yourself. Kick that self-doubt to the curb and replace your excuses with new habits that will lead you to results you’ve only been dreaming about.

Let’s do this!

Now it’s your turn! Take the first step and book a free discovery call. Let’s talk about your challenges, your goals, and what’s stopping you from living your best life. I’m so excited to meet you and help you achieve real change.