About me

Welcome! I understand the fear that accompanies change, the feeling of venturing into uncharted territory while others around you remain stagnant. I’ve experienced the courage and strength it takes to listen to that small voice within and navigate through life’s transformations.

Throughout my journey, I’ve encountered numerous challenges that have brought me to my knees. I’ve shed countless belief systems, gone through marriage and divorce, embarked on massive career shifts, faced health crises, dealt with a parent’s dementia, and let go of people and communities that no longer aligned with my authentic purpose. It feels as though I’ve lived multiple lifetimes within this one.

I am here to empower others to create lives they truly love from the inside out. My passion lies in living authentically, being present, and embodying integrity, all of which enable me to make a profound impact on those I work with.

Having spent 15 years climbing the corporate advertising ladder, I came to the realization that my “success” was not fulfilling. So, I took a leap of faith and quit to embark on a journey of self-discovery. This personal and entrepreneurial odyssey has equipped me with valuable knowledge that profoundly influences my current career. Since 2010, I have guided hundreds of individuals through the transformative process, helping them break free from limitations and unlock their true potential.

Clients appreciate my authentic and honest approach, as well as my clear perspective and wisdom. My work is centered around re-connecting with your inner guidance, establishing practices to nurture your mind and body, identifying and releasing limiting beliefs, cultivating an empowering mindset, and creating positive changes in your life.

I firmly believe that living a more expansive life necessitates an internal shift. It requires the cultivation, support, and perspective that every experience in our lives brings. Often, it takes an outside perspective to help us see what’s right in front of us.

My training spans meditation, interpersonal psychology, the enneagram, health coaching, pranic healing, and yoga. I hold a 500-hour certification through Yoga Alliance and have accumulated over 14,000 teaching hours. I have also co-led six Teacher Training programs. My teaching encompasses studio classes, private sessions, workshops, retreats, and corporate sessions. In my instruction, I incorporate held poses, breath awareness, meditation, and energy principles. Additionally, I bring non-traditional techniques such as shaking, tapping, laughter, and other practices I’ve acquired along the way.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey together, I invite you to reach out. I am eager to connect with you and hear your story. Let’s create a life that resonates deeply with your true self.

What others are saying

“Working with Natalie is a joy. I have seen tangible improvements in my back pain, tight muscles, and overall health and well-being since we’ve worked together. I feel like I have also gotten to know myself better and see the world around me more clearly and more peacefully as a result of spending time with her.  She is soulful, yet light, and knowledgeable, yet still curious. I learn about living well just as much as I learn strength, balance and alignment through practicing yoga or doing energy healing with her. She is one of my favorite practitioners and people!”

Katherine, Atlanta

“Natalie was an amazing, kind hearted teacher who helped me open up and become who I truly wanted to be.  She welcomed me to really express myself in my own unique way.  I feel like my yoga practice has developed very naturally and wonderfully due to her guidance.  Any yoga practitioner, new or seasoned, should explore their practice further with Natalie and her extraordinary soul.”

Lynn, Sandy Springs

Do you want to work with me?

Want to get more support, deepen your practice of yoga, and learn tools to live a more joyful and meaningful life?  Get in touch with me for personal 1-on-1 coaching or private yoga sessions.  I’ll challenge and encourage you to dream bigger, so you can accomplish things you never even thought possible.