A Yoga Membership for You

My classes are designed to get you in your body (and out of your head), help you release stress + tension from your nervous system (goodbye flight or flight.  hello rest + digest) and reconnect you with the nourishing energy that is available when you slow down, breathe + remember who you are.

Designed to Work With Your Schedule

Do you want to be more present in your life so you can fully enjoy it?  Do you want to improve your physical, mental + emotional wellbeing?  A consistent yoga practice will support all of this + more.

My membership consists of a library of 75+ pre-recorded classes (with more yoga, meditation and guided relaxation classes being added every month!).  The classes are accessible to all levels, from a 12 minute desk stretch to a 90 minute nourishing restorative class so you can decide what is right for you in the moment.

Show up for yourself and find the balance you crave.

Join me today!

Monthly Membership

  • Monthly recurring membership. Cancel at any time!

How it works:

  1. Sign up for your monthly membership
  2. Log in through the app on your phone, tablet or computer
  3. Pick the class that will support you in that moment (gentle, beginner, slow flow, intermediate, short on time, meditation)
  4. Grab your yoga mat, blocks, a strap + blanket or towel
  5. Join me on the mat
  6. Feel restored, reconnected + ready to step back into your life refreshed

If you want to try it out before signing up for a monthly recurring membership, go to my on-demand page HERE.  

What others are saying

Natalie’s monthly yoga membership is so important for my well-being.  The on-demand classes offer incredible flexibility.  Every practice, led by my favorite instructor, enriches my daily routine.  It’s more than a membership; it’s an investment in my mental and physical health.

Nicole Leffer, Decatur

Natalie’s yoga classes feel like coming home to yourself. Her easy-going and friendly personality delivers authentic yogic teachings with such grace and accessibility. There is space for everyone in Natalie’s classes.

Kim, Sandy Springs

Natalie is a wonderful yoga teacher.  I’ve been taking her classes for 6 years now and I cannot imagine a week without her!  Natalie always has a plan and works on a specific area each class.  Whether it’s grounding, clearing or opening, you feel wonderful after each class and are grateful you got on your mat!

Leslie, Atlanta