Private Yoga in Atlanta + online.

When I teach, I am guiding you into a mindful awareness of self. We pay attention to the breath, the body, the patterns of the mind and your edges.

And you learn how to apply all of that information to your life.

Resulting in a more relaxed nervous system, a greater resilience to stress and a feeling of calm presence.

This is the magic of yoga… it brings you home… re-connecting you with YOU.



Online Private Session


In-Home Private Session

  • discount available for multi-session packages

Benefits of private yoga:

  • gain greater confidence in yourself
  • become more in tune with your body + it’s signals
  • have a deeper awareness of your inner guidance
  • become stronger and more balanced (physically, mentally + emotionally)
  • access greater presence in your day-to-day life

What others are saying

I’ve been receiving weekly private sessions with Natalie for two years and have found that my mid-week class with her is just the reset I need to finish the work week and head into the weekend with energy to do the things I love.  She crafts a unique yoga class each week that addresses whatever it is that I need in the moment I show up.  Regardless of the type of class, I always leave with my mind, body and spirit rewoven and at peace.  She is one in a million at her craft!

Ami Pierce, Atlanta

Private yoga with Natalie is the highlight of my week! With a stressful corporate career, I don’t have many opportunities to pause and breathe, but I know that Natalie will always give me a practice that resets my mind and nourishes my heart and soul. Her ability to check in and quickly decide what is the perfect practice for me each week is remarkable.

Erika Grier, Canada